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Updated 8-21-16

Fall of 2104, the E-72 is now STANDARD on ALL Meyer Straight blades shipped to distributors. This does not apply to existing distributor stock on hand.

The E-72 is the newest hydraulic unit offering from Meyer Products, LLC. It is built for Meyer by Monarch (Bucher Hydraulics). It is being offered as a Premium Hydraulic unit for the 2011 - 2012 plowing season. When purchased as part of a complete new plow system, and if the warranty is registered online, it comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY. It is almost identical to the V-70 that is used on the Super V2 plows. It uses a divorced Lift Ram like the V-70 (which now also has the 5 year warranty).


August 2016 - Now that the E-72 has been out there for a few years, I can say it has been a VERY trouble free unit. It is a dream to check the fluid level, and to change the fluid. You can literally check the fluid level in less than 10 seconds. Most plows these days require tools to check fluid level. The plastic reservoir will never rot from the inside out like other brands. The reservoir can be removed with a screwdriver and a rubber mallet in seconds to clean it out and check the pickup screen for blockage. As of 2016 the motor has been changed to a single lug design. The fill plug is now plastic (though we swap it for a steel one here in our shop). There was a slight problem last year with units falling off because during severe vibration the bolts holding the unit to the bracket were coming loose. That problem has been solved.


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